We believe that giving back to the community is as important as the healthcare we provide in our office. We believe in and support local, national and international philanthropic causes. Below is a list of the some of the organizations we support, offering our expertise to those in need.

Dr. Kulber Interview: Meet The Doctors Podcast

Lynda Huey, M.S., host of Meet The Doctors, interviewed Dr. Kulber to learn about his professional journey and work with Ohana One.

Ohana One

Ohana One (family one) is a nonprofit charity with streamlined management so that finances go directly to our mission statement.  Ohana One Was founded by Dr David Kulber, Dr Michelle Dee, Kylie Tanabe PA, and Sandra Rodriquez RN to provide global surgical care and education.

Ohana One

We have a unique approach to this by going to under-served countries and identifying local surgeons, anesthesiologists, and health care staff that we can train and educate. Once we have established a sound relationship, we provide continued education year round utilizing smart glasses and live streaming technology.

We are the first organization to successfully set up this paradigm culminating in the first Mozambican Plastic Surgeons to a achieve COSECA (African) board certification. We have also published our work in peer review journals. We are confident that we can have a profound impact on global healthcare and education by continuing this work and partnering with other organizations.

Mission Statement: Ohana One seeks to both directly provide and develop surgical care and education programs in areas of need.  They support and promote collaboration between organizations with similar goals, and aim to open pathways for physicians and medical staff around the globe to volunteer their expertise.   Their aim is not limited to single missions, but rather to establish relationships with surgical training programs and advance their ability to care for complex cases with the goal of elevating surgical care in the areas that need it most.

Donate to Ohana One!

Ohana One Donation FormIf you would like to consider a donation to support Ohana One (, they have partnered with Charity On Top to accept donations here.

Our EIN number is 81-1198370, through Charity On Top. The donation will go directly to our organization.

Thank you for your support and chance to improve the lives of others on this planet who are less fortunate.

Inspiring Young Surgeons

The better we make the education, the more people we will attract and train.  Mozambique is a country of 30 million with only 3 plastic surgeons ( 2 COSECA certified, Dr. Celma Issufo and Dr. Pedro Santos) .   Our continued support makes these moments possible and have a true impact in Mozambique and the vastly under-served population.

Dr. Celma Issufo

Below is a Mozambique television segment with Dr. Celma Issufo demonstrating live stream teaching with smart glasses.

Dr. Pedro Santos

Below, Dr. Pedro Santos (Mozambique) examining patient wearing smart glasses with Dr David Kulber (Los Angeles ) discussing surgical plan.

Dr. Santos

Dr. Pedro Santos receiving his diploma!

Eight years ago Pedro Santos, a smart motivated plastic surgeon born in Mozambique, was drifting and frustrated.  He had protested the poor working conditions and pay for doctors in Mozambique and the government kicked him out of the system.

For three years we worked meeting government officials , and with the assistance of Tony Blair , Dr. Kulber was able to speak with the right people and get Pedro back into the system. Even better, Dr. Santos was given a position to run the plastic surgery unit in a new hospital built in Matola, 45 minutes outside the capitol.

Pedro had failed the African COSECA boards twice, and a third failure would mean going back to training.  It was clear to me a year round education system was the only way to help Pedro.  With the help of Resurge bringing more missions to Mozambique and using Smart Glasses and the Xpert eye platform, year round education was possible.

Last year Pedro not only passed his boards and became one of the first Mozambique plastic surgeons to be board certified, but he also had the second highest score in all of Africa. (which includes South Africa).


Angela's messageAngela is a Mozambique plastic surgery resident who speaks excellent English and is very intelligent and motivated.

When Dr. Kulber first met her 5 years ago in her first year of plastic surgery residency, she was frustrated and dismayed as there was limited training in Mozambique, and she felt she would never learn enough to be a proficient surgeon.

She quit the program and looked outside Mozambique to train. This was unfortunate as there are only 3 native Mozambique plastic surgeons and only a few in the training program. Two others that Dr. Kulber had met either dropped out or moved away. For Mozambique to be self sustaining and take care of the large under-served population, they need to train and educate their own.

Angela, who maintained a relationship with Pedro, witnessed the amount of education he was getting (from Dr. Kulber’s visits and from remote teaching) wanted to return to training.

After much prompting and discussion with the hospital and government authorities during our mission last August, Angela was granted readmission to the training program. This was a play it forward moment as Pedro now has the skill and knowledge (with our help) to fully train Angela as a plastic surgeon.

Hand and Upper Extremity Fellowship

The Marilyn and Jeffrey Katzenberg Hand Fellowship is a multidisciplinary program covering all aspects of hand and upper extremity surgery from both an Orthopedic and Plastic surgical standpoint.

The faculty consists of both Orthopedic and Plastic Surgeons who have extensive experience in teaching residents and research. Fellows will also participate in global outreach surgery, education ( and research. Fellows will spend time and Cedars Sinai Medical Center , Kerlin Jobe , and Childrens Hospital of Los Angeles.

This is an one year ACGME approved fellowship and graduating fellows will be eligible for the CAQ in Hand Surgery.

Reconstructive Hand Surgery Center

Cedars-Sinai Medical CenterThere are children throughout the developing world and right here at home, who can not access quality medical care. Dr. Kulber and Dr. Cohen provide leadership in hand surgery at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. Their expertise is crucial to save children’s hands.

The center’s second objective is resident support and education.  Young physicians will learn to care for patients with severe physical trauma.  Dr. Kulber and Dr. Cohen, with decades of experience between them, are uniquely equipped to provide the very best in education.