Dr. Kulber operates on Tim Wayne Medvetz, who then reaches Summit

THE HEROES PROJECT is an organization that works with the veterans, soldiers, marines and military communities on all levels. Its mission is to improve the care and protection of heroes through individual support, community empowerment and systemic change.

Charlie Linville and Heroes Project founder Tim Wayne Medvetz (both shown below left frame), recently reached the summit of Mount Everest after Linville and Medvetz’s first two Everest climbs were cut short by natural disasters.

However, the pair made the summit despite many obstacles including a serious hand injury Tim suffered (a degloving injury involving tendons) while training for the recent successful climb. Dr. Kulber is shown below (right frame) with Tim.

Read more about the successful climb here from People.com.

Dr. Kulber operates on Heroes Project founder Tim Wayne Medvetz, reaches Summit