Well-Being Newsletter, Spring 2016, Volume 7, Issue1, Part 2

Dr. David Kulber was recently featured in the Spring 2016, Volume 7 issue of Cedars-Sinai’s Well-Being newsletter.  The article highlights Dr. Kulber’s leading role in a technique to help patients suffering from hand/wrist arthritis.  Below is a transcript of the article.

Dr. Kulber feature on arthritis
Renowned hand surgeon David Kulber, MD, plays a leading role in helping patients who suffer from damaged finger joints or severe arthritis in their hands and wrists. In a novel procedure, he uses meniscus from a cadaver knee to reconstruct joints, alleviating pain and allowing patients to recapture critical mobility.

Kulber’s groundbreaking technique departs from the traditional approach of inserting a hard silicone implant, which can become infected or break over time. The meniscus, a spongy cushion that prevents joints from rubbing against one another, is far more resilient than the silicone implant and therefore significantly more durable. And because the meniscus is malleable, it fits neatly, merging into the joint as new blood flows through it.

“This is a very exciting approach,” says Kulber. “It’s a promising solution for patients with joint damage or severe arthritis because the meniscus becomes part of the joint.”

Kulber and two other hand surgeons studied the results of the meniscus repair in 14 patients and found that none experienced postoperative complications or required follow-up surgeries. The results will be published later this year in the Journal of Hand Surgery, with Kulber as senior author on the paper. The co-authors are Haig Yenikomshian, MD, a resident at USC, and Myles Cohen, MD, a highly qualified hand surgeon at Cedars-Sinai.